Human Factors Integration on complex projects

What is HFI?
Human Factors Integration (HFI) is a requirement on complex projects in safety critical environments. HFI is a systematic process that ensures application of scientific knowledge about human capabilities and limitations to the design and evaluation of systems.

A successful HFI program involves both technical and management activities, wherein an appropriate and balanced selection of technical HF methods are used to elicit user requirements, identify issues, and to adopt and test solutions. The management aspect relates to the integration of HF within the overall engineering program, to ensure HF principles are successfully included in design solutions, and end-users and stakeholders are engaged in a user-centered design approach.

Why is HFI important?
The aim of HFI is to ensure the human-system interactions proactively contribute to optimise system performance and identify and mitigate risk. Integrating Human Factors within the design process has benefits not only in terms of safety but also assists in ensuring that the new or altered asset, system or process is efficient and effective, meets its intended performance levels, and is able to deliver the expected benefits to end users and customers.

The integration of Human Factors offers additional benefits such as saving time and money. By considering human factors early in the design lifecycle the need to redesign at a later stage is reduced, and reliability is improved by designing systems to be error tolerant and easy to use and maintain.

At SYSTRA we specialise in HFI for complex projects, particularly in the rail domain. Our team of HF consultants are experts in defining and implementing HFI programs that are scaled and appropriate to each project, ensuring we deliver the benefits of HFI whilst achieving time and cost savings. Working alongside SYSTRA’s Systems Engineering and Safety Assurance experts, we deliver HFI programs that optimise both the “Technical” and “Integration” aspects of HFI.

We excel when working together with SYSTRA’s industry leading technical experts in fields such as European Train Control Systems (ETCS), Rolling Stock Design, and Traffic Management Systems. Drawing on their expertise enables us to gain insights, and conduct HF analyses to a level that is unparalleled.

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