Human Factors Assurance

Human Factors Assurance

What is Human Factors Assurance?

Operators and maintainers perform a significant role in the overall safety of a system. To fully assess the risks associated with a system it is essential to understand the fit between the human and system, the potential for human error, and the reliability of any controls performed by humans.

Human Factors Assurance evaluates the role of humans within safety critical systems to identify and control human errors and provide robust evidence to substantiate any safety claims dependent upon operator actions.

Why is it important?

Human Factors Assurance will be provided through various complementary assessments, that will be dependent upon the requirements of the system, or the project phase. Assurance that the physical work environment is a good fit for its operators is provided though good Ergonomic Design. Similarly, the suitability of control interfaces will be established through Usability in Safety Critical Applications.
In high hazard industries, the assessment of human error is essential to identify and mitigate any safety consequences associated with human error. A Human Error Identification (HEI) analysis is also a key piece of safety assurance evidence.

The successful application of Human Factors Assurance will involve a systematic process to identify and resolve human factors issues. This will include an interface with System Engineering to elicit HF system requirements based on user requirements and identified HF issues. The HF Consultant will complete analysis and facilitate testing to provide verification and validation evidence that demonstrate how requirements have been achieved and how the system aligns with the capabilities and limitations of its users.


SYSTRA HF consultants have extensive knowledge of assuring the human components in complex safety critical systems. Working alongside SYSTRA’s Safety Assurance Team we provide robust and scientifically backed evidence to support safety claims and demonstrate the fit between the system and its users.

Our approach is always scaled and tailored to a project need, encompassing the appropriate blend of HF analysis techniques, and probabilistic and deterministic assurance arguments. For further information on our risk based approach, please refer to Human Factors Integration on Complex Projects.

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