Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility

A Smart City is a connected city. Through collaboration, integrating data & technologies, we are shaping the Future of Transport: this is Smart Mobility

Urbanisation is accelerating, impacting city resources and infrastructure. Optimising city accessibility through Smart Mobility is one of the greatest challenges for all global cities subject to fast urban growth. Their transport systems do not meet the current travel demand and will be subject to higher demand as population grow. With increasing congestion, aging assets, rapid urbanisation, adding new infrastructure to add capacity and absorb the demand is not a sustainable solution anymore. The success and sustainability of our cities is dependent on 4 key aspects of Mobility:

  • Effective movement of people and goods;
  • Ease of getting from point A to point B;
  • Integration of different modes of transportation,
  • Above all, the customers’ specific needs and expectations: we all want a liveable, connected and reliable city, where it is good to live and work.

At SYSTRA Scott Lister, we believe connected technologies are one, if not the strongest, driver and enabler of Future Transport: the exchange of data between transport actors means supply and demand can be matched in real time, leading to a more efficient use of resources. So, we work with our clients to rethink the design of our cities and realise the users’ expectations.

Using innovative services and technologies, reliable data generated by users & infrastructure, we analyse patterns and trends to produce tailored holistic solutions that promote the needs of the community and moves towards active, shared and public transport.

Our expertise ranges from the production of strategies & masterplans, to the design, development, trial and implementation of Mobility services and technologies such as Next Generation ticketing, On-demand transport, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Autonomous technologies applied to Transport and Digital multimodal network assessment.

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