Innovation & New Mobility Services

Innovation & New Mobility Services

Innovation in transport technology is advancing faster than any period before in history. New forms of propulsion, multi-modal services, big data, autonomy, advanced sensing and communications, new user experiences – at SYSTRA we’re developing the mobility of tomorrow, today!

Urbanisation is accelerating, impacting city resources, congestion and infrastructure, while Climate Change is necessitating a rapid shift to Zero Emissions Vehicles.

Designing and optimising the mobility of tomorrow is therefore both one of the greatest challenges and greatest opportunities facing cities and businesses today, the success and sustainability of which is increasingly dependent on 5 key pillars:

  1. Efficient and effective movement of people and goods
  2. Ease of getting from point A to point B
  3. The intelligent integration of multiple transport modes
  4. Zero emissions transport including use of eco-design principles
  5. Above all, the customers’ needs and expectations: we all want a city that is accessible, connected, safe and reliable.


Winning the category for the ‘Mobility of Tomorrow’ in SYSTRA’s international ‘Spark Challenge’, our R&D project codenamed MaaSSIVE is innovating in the space of inclusive and accessible mobility, leveraging the principles of MaaS and technologies such as Demand-Responsive Transport. As an independent short and modular consulting service, not an end product, MaaSSIVE enables government agencies (local, state and federal), transport operators, community groups and other niche operators to target location-based deployment of inclusive mobility more efficiently and effectively with an innovative approach that leverages data sources and aggregates demand to achieve sufficient scale for feasible operations.

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MaaS Whitepaper

We’ve activated a global network of mobility experts across the public and private sector to collaborate, research and publish a Whitepaper on Mobility-as-a-Service. This explores topics such as the value added by MaaS, a study of MaaS use cases gaining momentum across the globe, the impact of MaaS on passenger experience, data and governance, payment strategies and insights from interviews of various leading industry stakeholders on MaaS deployment benefits, challenges and enablers.

Download it here: SYSTRA Mobility as a Service Whitepaper

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