Tunnel & Underground Structures

Tunnel & Underground Structures

SYSTRA participates actively to underground projects, at any stage (from the feasibility of a new infrastructure to the refurbishment of an existing one), for all transportation modes, in many different geological settings and climatic regimes across the world.

More than 300 underground stations designed and realized worldwide _ including world’s major cities, such as Copenhagen, Toulouse, Rome, Turin, Athens, Thessaloniki, Santiago, Bucharest, Sophia, Baku, Tbilisi, Lahore, Paris, Dubai, Cairo, Algers.

A multidisciplinary team of architects, urban planner and engineers highly specialized on transport projects (tram, metro, HSR) whose expertise ranges from conceptual design to detail design for:

  • Structure _ including the deep excavation retaining structures
  • Architecture:
    Urban design (incl. station insertion) and landscaping
    Functional design (station sizing, accessibility studies)
    Multimodal studies
    Internal finishes
  • MEP engineering:
    HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
    Smoke Management System
    Dewatering / Plumbing
    Fire Fighting system
    Escalators and Elevators
    Low voltage

More than 700km of tunnels designed around the world, including:

  • Mechanized and conventional tunneling
  • Long tunnels
  • Large diameter: e.g. Φ13.4m for Suez Canal road tunnel , Φ9.8m for Grand Paris metro Line 14
  • Some of the major challenging tunnel and extreme conditions, such as the Gibraltar Straight Tunnel and the Lyon-Turin High Speed Railway Tunnel, in the Alps.

Through an overall Risk Management approach, we perform an attentive and quantitative evaluation of the potential impact of tunneling and deep excavations on existing structure and design all kind of mitigation measures (soil treatment, dewatering & recharge, structural reinforcement) and monitoring system (including real-time).

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