SYSTRA’s Australian team organises post Covid-19 Hackathon
9 June 2020

SYSTRA’s Australian team organises post Covid-19 Hackathon

In April our colleagues at SYSTRA Scott Lister in Australia organised an internal Post Covid-19 Hackathon, sponsored by our Group Innovation and Digital department.

With a focus on Design, this event considered ways in which to integrate pandemic crisis requirements into a new Systems Engineering Approach. The winning idea, called Pandemification, was developed by SYSTRA Scott Lister colleagues Taylor Woods, Consultant – Defence Systems, Kawtar Hadjadj, Senior Consultant – Transport Systems, Joshua Green Graduate Engineer and Nancy Nguyen, People & Culture Officer.​

The team based their approach on SYSTRA’s Systems Engineering Framework and updated processes to meet key pandemic requirements. The following solutions were identified and tested:

Concept 1: UV-C Light and Air Conditioning​

Concept 2: Cleaner and safer stations with Elevated Temperature Detection and gate-less ticketing

Concept 3: Cleaner and safer trains with automated cleaning machines and door operations.

“It was a great opportunity to bring our colleagues together locally, internationally and remotely during this particularly challenging period for creative thinking on Post Covid-19 Mobility solutions,” commented Jessica Smith, Consultant Mobility & Future Cities and Devina Hassanaly, who organised the Hackathon.

The next step is for the winners to develop their idea for a project currently being delivered by SYSTRA. The jury was impressed by the other ideas proposed by our participants and these will continue to be explored by the Group.

Pandemification was chosen at the end of April by a jury made up of three colleagues based in France, Pierre Gosset, Chief Technical Officer, Thomas Juin, Chief Digital Officer, Joan Serrano, Deputy Director, Consulting and planning division, FRS, and three based in Australia, Sandra Lang, Technical Director – Digital Engineering, Kate Moncrieff, Associate Director Human Factors, and Devina Hassanaly, Director Mobility & Future Cities.

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