SYSTRA at The 17th Asia Pacific Forum on Intelligent Transport Systems
20 April 2021

SYSTRA at The 17th Asia Pacific Forum on Intelligent Transport Systems

Marion Guesnier and Guillaume Paix presented at the 17th Asia Pacific Forum on Intelligent Transport Systems that was held in Brisbane from 12th - 15th April 2021.

For SYSTRA, MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is allowing customers use to view mobility and transport services to be taken to another dimension, as a Mobility Management Tool for Transport Authorities, allowing them to propose diversified, sustainable and inclusive Services. Alan Trestour, EGM Advisory, believes MaaS is also “providing a way to optimise demand and costs while influencing the means to travel and enhances transport services in any given community area. This is the reason this concept is transformative in the provision of transport services and will be so in the years to come”. Furthermore, Digital platforms are playing an increasing role in supporting Transport services efficiencies. “What is ever more present today is the importance of data analytics and data science to enhancing transport planning methodologies. This is an area SYSTRA is very invested right now in Australia & NZ”, says Alan.

White paper: Gamification and Rewards Programs to promote active travel
By Marion Guesnier

In an increasingly diversified mobility market, new opportunities and mechanisms such as gamification and rewards programs are emerging to improve transportation and promote sustainable travel, e.g. active, green, congestion-free travel. These mechanisms, already used in other industries (airlines miles’ rewards, sport challenges, etc.) can contribute to travellers’ behaviour change. Systra and its partners designed and developed a mobile-based behaviour change platform that incentivise and reward sustainable travel by tracking users’ active travel and giving them points for active travel trips and participation to active travel events. These points can be redeemed in transport, shopping vouchers or donated to charities. As well as being a powerful motivator and a good way for an individual to monitor their own behaviour, it highly encourages behaviour change and provides insights to public authority on local mobility patterns and needs. We will present how gamification can help promote active travel as well as some successes and lessons learned from projects conducted by SYSTRA, including a mode shift project delivered by SYSTRA and its partner BetterPoints in York: we ran a Winter Challenge to promote walking and cycling through the winter. Over 500 people signed up to the App and were then able to affiliate to a business to compete on a leader board for the most logged active trips.

White paper: Planning replacement bus services during rail occupations
By Guillaume Paix

For several years the state of Victoria has been pursuing a program of works for the removal of its level crossings across metropolitan Melbourne. This program of works requires work-related service cuts during which the State must provide the affected rail passengers with bus services to replace the interrupted train services. A planning exercise has been required to determine the required number of replacement buses to provide users and plan a service strategy that minimises travel times and operational costs.
The State of Victoria engaged SYSTRA to build a digital planning platform that:

• Integrates three key datasets essential for the planning of replacement services: Origin-Destination data from the Department of Transport, train timetables from Public Transport Victoria and bus travel time estimates based on historical road traffic data
• Allows the disruption planner to simulate and evaluate the suitability of several alternative bus planning strategies to consider passenger flows, travel times and costs

The purpose of this presentation is to present the data and modelling strategy behind the adopted solution that enables the State to minimise the impact of level crossing removal projects on the Melbourne rail passengers.

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