Major Service Provider (MSP) - Update
12 June 2020

Major Service Provider (MSP) - Update

It is safe to say much has changed from January 2018, when SYSTRA, along with our Team Downer Consortium partners were announced as a Major Service Provider (MSP) to Defence’s Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG). The MSP has been built virtually from the ground up at that time to now delivering around $100M of engineering and consultancy support this financial year through approximately 350 people embedded into CASG project across the country.

Back in early 2018 our MSP initiated the very first Integrated Work Package (IWP) into Critical Systems Branch of the Joint Systems Domain. This work was predominantly based in Canberra and very much “broke the ground” across all MSPs as well as for CASG as this very significant shift in their operating model was being established.

Fast forward to today, two years on we see the MSP model well established. The footprint of the work SYSTRA and our partners are delivering has very much grown across CASG Domains, Capability Platforms as well as geographically. The MSP is now supporting CASG projects in Vic, NSW, ACT, Qld, WA, and NT, with SA very soon coming online through an emerging new Maritime shipbuilding IWP. Similarly, SYSTRA team members are embedded right across these projects providing support in areas of Project and Program Management, Systems Engineering (including Software, Safety, Communications, Cyber Security, Maritime and Aerospace), Integrated Logistics Support management, and a range of other support and specialist skills.

Of note is the leadership roles that SYSTRA team members have assumed in these key project areas. Trevor Garnett in ACT is the IWP Lead for the NA3PO where he manages the MSP’s Helicopter replacement program for Army and Navy. Samir Is-Hak is our IWP Lead in the Material Logistics Domain, where he is leading a five year program that will transform CASG’s Logistics IT framework and operations into industry leading IT platforms, business intelligence and capability. Earlier this year, Jason Nissen was appointed to Systems Engineering Manager for Land 200 Tactical Communications Network to lead the engineering effort across the program in Qld, ACT and Vic.

These team members exemplify the high impact that SYSTRA team members are making through the MSP. After more than doubling the size of the Defence team in the last 12 months, our team is planned to continue growing through the duration of the MSP arrangement. The MSP overall is projected to grow to over 1,000 people over the next couple of years, providing SYSTYRA with a strong ongoing pipeline of opportunities that will continue supporting our growth and capabilities across the team.

- Mario Del Mastro (General Manager - Defence)

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