ITS Networking Event – Brisbane
10 March 2020

ITS Networking Event – Brisbane

SYSTRA Scott Lister (SSL) co-sponsored the ITS Networking Event in Brisbane on 25 February 2019, where Devina Hassanaly, Director – Mobility & Future Cities ANZ presented on Innovative Operating Technologies for Electric Transport.

Devina discussed the global mobility challenges in mass transportation and mobility and a smart green approach to address these using innovative technologies and data. This included looking at:

a) Upgrading existing transport solutions, like converting fleet depot to maintain electric fleets; and
b) Emerging smart mobility technologies such as shared grid solutions

The presentation also looked at how sustainable integration of smart green mobility requires challenges to be overcome including:

1) Vehicle & battery performance;
2) Cities energy infrastructure;
3) Clean and significant energy production; and
4) Technical energy requirements for stations.

SYSTRA has successfully worked with clients to address these challenges and gain optimised operations through the use of data, successfully shifting from MaaS (Mobility as a Service) to MaaSS (Mobility as a Sustainable Service).

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