Meet some of our team Members

From specialist technical engineer to multi-specialty coordinator, from project head to running a subsidiary: you can move from one speciality to another. You can also go from one universe to another: from rail to urban and the other way round. Or go out to break a new market, like the high-end bus service.

From Australia to India, via Brazil or the Middle East, there are multiple international opportunities. The company operates in more than 80 countries and has worked on 3,500 projects round the world.

Joanne Smyth - London

When I was two years old the only toy I asked Santa for was a train set, so I guess it should be no surprise that I’ve spent the past decade of my career specialising in Human Factors for the railway industry!

I have been with SYSTRA Scott Lister for 2 years and am based in the London office. My day-to-day my job involves carrying out analysis and studies to understand how railway operations, maintenance and control functions should be designed from the perspective of the end-user, and managing the integration of people-related requirements into projects. The railway is such a complex and diverse system so I find that every project presents lots of different challenges and exciting opportunities.

I love to travel so it was a great surprise to find out that my first SYSTRA Scott Lister assignment required me to work at the Sydney headquarters for six-weeks!

Since joining the company my professional confidence has undoubtedly increased and I feel that this is definitely the right job and company for me.

Alex NG - Sydney

I joined SYSTRA Scott Lister (SSL) in October 2017. I am the Senior Financial Accountant based in Sydney, my primary responsibilities include month end report, cash flow, budget, financial reporting and maintaining our accounting systems. Lots of people think accounting is a boring job, however, I love to see the reports and financial models that I have made contribute to shaping the company strategies and adding value to the team and management group.

I enjoy working with all the different teams and operations and being part of the SYSTRA group you can always get help from the most knowledgeable and talented people.

SSL is a great place to work and it offers a flexible working culture which gives me a good work/family life balance.

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