Within the SYSTRA group, we continuously renew to meet our customers’ needs, prepare public transport for tomorrow, and propose increasingly responsive solutions

Construction of transport infrastructure must adopt new technology, meet new habits and meet new requirements. In order to reach further, SYSTRA Scott Lister is committed to putting the centre at the heart of the design and improving the efficiency of transport systems.

A growing world population, the buildout of emerging countries, exploding megalopolises, asphyxiating inner cities. Now is the time to improve urban and inter-city mass transit.

Transporting millions of people every day, safely, efficiently and greenly is a major challenge, calling for optimal solutions. At SYSTRA Scott Lister, we develop innovative solutions that enable local governments and public contracting authorities to offer safe, suitable solutions to the needs of their populations.

We focus on a tripartite approach:

Blending transport systems desirably and durably into their environment

  • Developing more attractive, durable infrastructure
  • Tackling problems of acoustics and vibrations
  • Enhancing station atmosphere and the traveller’s experience

Optimizing costs

  • Infrastructure enhancement
  • Developing more affordable infrastructure

Operating the transport system more efficiently

  • Developing more resilient infrastructure, able to cope with natural and technological risks
  • Optimizing infrastructure maintenance
  • Managing energy
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