SEA5000 Multiple Phases

SEA5000 Multiple Phases

SYSTRA Scott Lister is leveraging its Naval ship acquisition capability to provide expertise in the field of Configuration Engineering and Integrated Logistics Support

SEA 5000 Phase 1 “Future Frigate” is a Maritime Acquisition project to replace the current RAN FFG and ANZAC class Frigates.

The platform concept will fulfill an Anti-Submarine Warfare role, and the infrastructure investment enabling a continuous build programme commencing in 2020 will underpin an enduring naval construction capability of national significance.

SYSTRA Scott Lister’s Role
We were engaged to deliver Asset and Configuration Management specialist services, with responsibility for embedding systems that manage the engineering configuration baseline of the evolving ship design and ensure the handover of high-reliability design and logistics data to each ship for acceptance into service.

Our consultants are also specialists across a number of complex RAN mission systems and platform management systems.

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