MSP - CASG Helicopter Replacement Program

MSP - CASG Helicopter Replacement Program

In mid- 2019 CASG combined the existing Army Aviation Program Office (AAPO) with a number of Navy aviation projects to create the Navy Army Aviation Acquisition Program Office (NA3PO). As part of the MSP program, SSL has led the establishment of the Integrated Work Partner (IWP) relationship to support this program office as a key delivery partner.

The purpose of NA3PO is to deliver upgrades to various Navy and Army rotary-wing and Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) capabilities that will provide the ADF with the capability to successfully complete their missions in the 2020’s and beyond. NA3PO has also recently assumed management of its first Air Force project through the non-pilot officer aircrew training project that has been allocated to the Program.

The various Army capabilities to be introduced under NA3PO include Light Utility Helicopters to support Special Forces operations, a replacement or upgrade of the current Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter along with providing future generations of UAS for the tactical reconnaissance role.

Navy projects supported include Maritime UAS systems that will operate from a number of vessel classes to support fleet operations and the current manned aircraft deployed on RAN ships. The program office also supports finalisation of activities in introducing to service the Sikorsky MH-60R (Romeo) Seahawk helicopters.

SSL staff provide a growing range of skills and expertise to NA3PO to drive these important projects through Defence’s capability lifecycle as part of the Team Downer consortium. Our staff are helping to build effective and innovative project outcomes to merge and grow the various Defence Helicopter and UAS projects into the one program.

Current skill sets being provided by SSL include engineering, integrated logistics and project/program management. SSL Team Members Jerry Maquire and John Wright are leading the development of Test and Evaluation (T&E) frameworks, and integration requirements respectively for the Maritime UAS project while Andrew Boylett is adding ILS expertise to support evaluation of tenders submitted for the Light Special Operations Helicopter project. Sam Knight and Ian Hatherley have provided valuable services at both the project and program level supporting development of key documentation to facilitate delivery of the various capabilities under management.

As the projects under NA3PO continue to grow and evolve, SSL is seeking to significantly increase its support to this exciting program. Anyone interested in finding out more about this IWP or how to get involved please contact Trevor Garnett

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