10 Year SEQ Rail Network Strategy

10 Year SEQ Rail Network Strategy

Development of a 10-year rail strategy for South East Queensland

SYSTRA Scott Lister, in consultation with TMR, Queensland rail and Cross River Rail led the development of a 10 year demand driven strategy to optimise the benefits of the rail network in South East Queensland.

This strategy addressed:

  • Customers and demand
  • Service planning and timetables
  • Sectorisation
  • Crew and fleet
  • Technology and infrastructure
  • Stabling, maintenance and depots

The strategy explored staged commissioning of the Cross River Rail project, investment in rolling stock, train control systems, smart stations and stabling/maintenance strategies.

The SYSTRA team included experts from Australia, France, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK. Combining the Australia team’s local knowledge and expertise with international experience and perspectives.

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